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We offer and facilitate a variety of services for your business, your personal project, and your community.


United 1ne facilitates workshops that build on the foundations of breaking that emphasize on the importance of creativity, and dancing to the music.


United 1ne's performance will amaze you. In fact, if you are looking for something exclusive and unique, this is the group to see. United 1ne is a non studio based crew. This group literally built themselves from nothing. This is the real deal.

Personal Projects

United 1ne is available for hire for those who are seeking specific looks for what their needs are. If you are looking for real dancers and are in desperate need of legitament subjects, this group is perfect. The are a collective of the greatest dancers with valuable skills and talent.

DJ Services

DJ at your service to providing the tunes, and helping set that tone for your function whether it's a community event, a corporate function, or a get-together DJ Poppa Pump aka Popping Fresh will provide the awesome vibes!

We are Young Edmontonians and Gifted

United 1ne is a b-boy crew bonded together by a passion for dance. The meaning of United 1ne is defined as having unity between all the individual dancers creating a sense of balance where the group can become leveled with eachother. The group originally started out with two members: Sean "Pharush" and Jeffrey "Poppin Fresh". Soon after, the team expanded since 2008. Originally, the two founders created the crew to give opportunity, and open doors to others individuals who were also involved with bboying. However, as time went on, a deeper meaning was unfolding where bboying became a part of each individual's lifestyle, and became serious. Each member invests so much time into this dance, and the group wants to represent that they one of the toughest bboy crews representing YEG (Edmonton). The crew continually proves they are one of the best crews in the city, and prove in other cities throughout Canada why they are definitely some of the illest dancers.

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Why Work With Us

United 1ne aim is to bring awareness about Hip-Hop culture, and spread the meaning of peace, love, unity, and having fun. T

They constantly are working on their craft without satisfaction. Members of United 1ne are always striving to reach their full potential and showcase their abilities in the cypher, on the stage, and any place that requires their presence.

Our Team

Featured Projects

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Our Latest News

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Knowledge is Pow Wow x Cypher Wild Block Party

Get your block party vibes on with us on Jun 25! There will be a free community BBQ, local Hip Hop, and multicultural dance and art. Free and open to all ages - a family friendly event! Come dressed for the weather as we will be outside at Boyle Plaza. Inside Boyle Plaza will be an Art Gallery exhibit featuring Ernie Paniccioli, the legendary Hip Hop Photographer. https://www.facebook.com/events/655900097919130/

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Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

United 1ne will be involved in this years Edmonton International Street Performers with a group called "Rhythm Speaks". It consists of Creeasian, Lunacee, Pharush, Popping Fresh,and Lingkunta. Come watch a few of our members tear up the square July 8-18th!

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Canada Day Performance in Edson Alberta

Rhythm Speaks will be performing with artists from the Edmonton International Street Performers for the Canada Day celebration in Edson Alberta. Popping Fresh, Lingkunta, and Pharush will be performing alongside other artists Creeasian and Lunacee.

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